Brush Up & Save

Explore ways to give yourself a relaxed, self-paced update on what’s happening on the road – and even save some money!

Trippin’ with Confidence

You’ve got a head start on locking and leaving simply because you enjoy Aventura life, but you can take it a bit further with this checklist and enjoy your travels.

Colors of the Year

Most of the major players in the paint, home décor, and fabric worlds publish an array of exciting new shades as their Color Of The Year.

Cool Shopping Buddies

It’s time to explore alternatives to the old-school wire shopping trolly – and there are plenty of choices available.

The Grandkid Connection

Ten minutes or less is all it takes to begin a memorable biking adventure with grandkids and friends.

New Idea for Old Treasures

Your move to condo living may take some creative downsizing, yet some of your precious items can be given a new life as home decor or gifts.

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