Find Your New Passion

Taking up a new hobby is good for you.

Sometimes monotony takes over and having time on your hands isn’t the luxury you expected. Taking up a new hobby is an easy way to open new doors to positive thinking, reduce stress and actually lower your heart rate. But, what to do? It’s up to you and it can be fun, easy, and inexpensive.

So, how do you find a new hobby? Think about what you already like to do or something you’ve always wanted to try. You may want to start small by journaling. Express yourself! Tell a simple story. List your favorite sayings. And you don’t have to stick to writing. Sketch, paint a picture, tuck in photos, ticket stubs or travel brochures to fully express what you are doing, want to do, or have already done. Using a bullet journal, you can create a goal-tracker, calendar, to-do list or a diary.

You can expand your family tree as a hobby. Sites like and can help you add new names, faces and places of origin for relatives as far back as you want to go. A bigger family tree can also be passed along to your younger generation to offer an interesting peek at their personal history.

How about learning a new language? Whether you do so online or join a class, it’s a fun way to broaden your horizons or prepare for a trip abroad. In-person classes are fun because they add the very important component of personal interaction.

You live in a place where biking and outdoor walking trails are just around the corner. Join a walking group or set your own schedule to blend with your everyday life. Another idea is taking music lessons and learning how to play an instrument you love. Being a student is a freeing experience because you can be a raw beginner and enjoy learning from someone who knows. If you already play, there are local music groups to join to get in the performance groove.

Reading is a terrific hobby because you can do it on your own or join or start a book club. Websites like and offer used books for less than you’d pay in a store. Read history, novels, biographies, humor – whatever piques your interest.

Search for your passion and let it grow. A hobby may just be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

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