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Founded in 1856, Hubbell Realty Company is one of the oldest and most seasoned development firms in the Midwest. Hubbell has a legacy of success, a corporate commitment based on lasting values, and a history of quality development.

Since 1998, Hubbell Homes has built a reputation on industry knowledge starting from the ground up. With all that experience, we know a thing or two about building homes and creating happy homeowners. We know what they want, what they need, and what to do to give them great customer service.

When you choose a home at Aventura, you’re choosing the highest quality of customer care, an extra level of comfort and more peace of mind in one of central Iowa’s best active adult communities.

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We believe in creating a new standard for new homes in Des Moines, and we're glad to see that others agree we provide the very best homebuying experience.

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