Recipes for Happiness

Now’s the time to record and share your favorite recipes.

The family favorite foods that you make can easily become part of your lifelong legacy. Mother’s meatloaf, Grandma’s bread, Dad’s homemade chile con carne – these are treasures worth preserving and passing on. What’s your specialty? What foods are part of your holiday traditions? What’s that cookie recipe that everyone asks for? Now’s a great time to pull them together and package them as a gift.

Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Buy an old-school recipe box and fill it with some recipes, simple or special, that a new bride would welcome at her bridal shower. It’s totally unique and welcomed.
  • Buy a few small binder notebooks and record all of your family-famous cookie, pie, cake and dessert recipes. You can write out the recipe once and copy it to be hole-punched and added to multiple notebooks. These are fun gifts for kids, grandkids, friends, and neighbors.
  • Many small printing companies and large stationery stores offer binding services that let you make multiple copies of your personal recipe collection and then bind the books with a simple binding.
  • Invite your friends to add to a recipe book. How about Aventura Kitchen Adventures. Post an invitation to participate on a bulletin board and see who signs up. You be the organizer and see the book through the copying and binding process, then share the cost with your cooking buddies. These give everyone a chance to save their favorite recipes and give as gifts.
  • Think about saving original recipes in your handwriting or that of a relative. There are notebooks with polyester film sleeves that can protect the keepsake cards.
  • Is there a favorite birthday cake in your clan? Make the cake and attach a printed recipe card to a pretty serving plate.
  • Host a potluck where everyone brings a favorite recipe and a stack of printed recipes to go alongside their contribution. Everyone participates and celebrates the memories.


Explore more ways to honor the past with the recipes for happiness that have stood the test of time and made people happy, year after year

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