Cool Shopping Buddies

Explore ways to make shopping hip.

A trip to the grocery store, whether walking or driving there, requires toting the load back home. It can be a daunting task. You can do delivery, but sometimes you want to be there to thump a melon or squeeze a peach. Many rely on a foldable wire cart that is helpful but maybe not so stylish.

It’s time to explore alternatives to the old-school wire trolly – and there are plenty of choices available. If you search the internet for shopping trolleys, you’ll find all kinds, colors, and sizes. Some even offer separate bags that let you change your look to suit the season. You can choose the frame and wheel color; bag choices are nearly endless. Retailers like Walmart, Target, and Bed, Bath & Beyond carry a variety from simple to fancy, and Amazon has long lists of selections.

Price ranges vary as much as style choices. Walmart features a Hi, FANCY folding Shopping Trolley for under $20. Etsy has shops with selections that range from homespun and homemade to ready-made. On Amazon, you’ll find pricing from low to a high of over $200, so you can decide what fits your budget. All the options offer a fun adventure in finding a shopping trolly that you’ll love to pull or push.

Some of the favorite online sites* we’ve visited include:

* Not responsible for the reliability of any product or vendor. Prices are estimates.

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