Space Making

Neat, tidy and organized…it’s a good feeling.

The junk drawer. Most of us have one – that catch-all drawer where odds and ends go to die. What if you opened that drawer and the junk wasn’t junk anymore? Yay! Whether you’re a neatnik or not, there’s usually a drawer where chaos reigns. Bigger storage places get discombobulated too. Linen closets, sweater drawers, clothes closets, oh my! It happens faster than we think.

Here are some ideas that can keep you up to date on your organizational skills, and the result isn’t just orderly storage – it’s also a sense of accomplishment and probably peace of mind.

  • Tame your junk drawer. Put the trash can close enough to quickly toss stuff you won’t use again. Pull out everything else and wipe down the bottom of the drawer. Put the must-keeps into categories and use a drawer organizer to store things that go together. Paper clips with stapler, eyeglass cleaner with soft wipe cloths, pencils and pens (toss out the ones that don’t work), and odds and ends like stray screws, nails, etc. in individual sections. Then pat yourself on the back.
  • T-shirts and tanks, clean up your act. Keep a donation bag handy and if you haven’t worn a tee or tank in the past year, say so long. Separate the remaining items by style and color, then start by folding them in thirds the long way and roll them up snugly. Lastly, set them in orderly rows in a drawer, keeping colors together. You may hear a sigh of relief from your closet.
  • Linen closets conquered. Start by sorting sheet sets by color and size with pillowcases in separate piles. Refold any sheets that need it and stack them in sets. Put pillowcases in a separate pile and place them alongside your stacks of sheets. Towels get the same treatment, although you may want to sort them by size – bath sheets, bath towels, hand towels, washcloths.


These are just three ways to keep your things orderly, easy to find and ready to use. Also check out Marie Kondo videos online. Using space wisely takes less time than you think.

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